Tokyo DisneySea 20th Anniversary Additional Information

Tokyo Disney Sea, 20th Anniversary, Time to Shine!, Tokyo Disney Resort
Tokyo DisneySea’s 20th Anniversary event, “Time to Shine!”

I’ll add some information on Tokyo DisneySea’s 20th Anniversary event, “Time to Shine!”

What you will learn in this article
  • Photos of Mickey and Minnie Mouse from “Time to Shine!”
  • “Time to Shine!” Vacation Package

If you don’t know “Time to Shine!”, please read my previous article.

Mickey Mouse in his “Time to Shine!”

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse at the Tokyo DisneySea 20th Anniversary Event "Time to Shine!
Tokyo Disney Resort Official Blog

On the official blog of Tokyo Disney Resort, you can see Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse in “Time to Shine!”

They look amazing in their costumes that fit the theme of “Time to Shine!”

You can meet Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters at the water greeting “Mickey & Friends Harbor Greeting: Time to Shine!

It’s such a pity that there is no show at Piazza Topolino (the plaza in the Mediterranean Harbor) because the costumes are so beautiful.

But there will be a vacation package available where you can take a photo with a Disney character dressed in the “Time to Shine!”

Tokyo DisneySea 20th Anniversary: Vacation Package

A giant globe in the Magellan's restaurant at Tokyo Disney Sea
Magellan’s, Tokyo DisneySea’s finest restaurant

Vacation Package is the official travel plan of Tokyo Disney Resort.

You can choose a limited-time accommodation package for Tokyo DisneySea’s 20th Anniversary.

Overview of the Vacation Package

Tokyo Disney Sea 20th Anniversary! Enjoy lunch and character greetings at Magellan’s 2 Days

  • Lunch at Magellan’s, Tokyo DisneySea’s finest restaurant
  • Photo with Disney characters in “Time to Shine!

We’ll know more about the vacation package later, including the release date and pricing.

To dine at Magellan’s and even have a meet and greet with Disney characters is an excellent program for Disney fans.


I’ve shared additional information about Tokyo DisneySea’s 20th Anniversary “Time to Shine!”

After seeing the pictures of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse in their sparkling costumes, I can’t help but look forward to the event.

The venue for the vacation package is Magellan’s, Tokyo DisneySea’s finest restaurant. It’s a very grand plan, so it’s pricey, but I’m sure it will sell out quickly.

While COVID-19 imposes restrictions on theme parks, I’m glad to see that preparations for the 20th-anniversary events are steadily underway.

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